About Us

Our History

In 1983, Judith Arick and Judith Chasin started playing chamber music together. The “two Judys” were audiologists as well, so they decided to open a practice in Coolidge Corner to provide services to those with hearing problems, and to dispense hearing aids.

During these 30+ years, we have seen hearing aids go through many changes in size, shape and, most importantly, technological development.

Today we are located near Cleveland Circle and have a few new faces, but we continue to put our patients first.

Brookline Hearing Services is one of the top-rated audiologist offices in the region according to Boston Consumers’ Checkbook.

What is it about Brookline Hearing Services that makes us unique?

  • More than 25 years of experience in the Brookline/Boston area providing personalized service.
  • Licensed audiologists and hearing aid specialists who understand hearing loss and work with our patients to meet their hearing needs.
  • A variety of hearing aids from the best manufacturers in various styles and price levels.
  • Clear and comprehensive explanations of the options available.
  • A high level of satisfaction, knowing that you are visiting a practice where we truly enjoy our work — and working with you, the patient.

Our motto: Never give up! We work with patients until they are satisfied!