How do I know whether I need hearing aids?

One of the audiologists at Brookline Hearing Services will evaluate your hearing . The evaluation includes a history of your hearing, examination of your ears, asking you about how you hear in various situations, a pure tone and speech understanding test and a complete discussion about our findings.

What determines the need for hearing aids?

Several factors are considered, including the degree of hearing loss, speech understanding ability, and of most importance, one’s attitude about amplification and motivation to use hearing aids.

How much do hearing aids typically cost?

The cost is dependent on the degree of technology. At the present time, one can purchase a basic digital hearing aid for about $1,200 and those aids with more sophisticated technology can cost up to $3,000 each. We would explain the differences and make suggestions within this range.

Will my insurance pay for hearing aids?

Most insurance plans do not cover hearing aids, but it is important to check with your carrier to be sure.

Are there different styles of hearing aids?

Yes there are. There are those that fit completely in the ear and others that sit behind the ear. Most aids are more discreet than they used to be and are therefore more cosmetically pleasing. Again, the options available to correct your particular hearing loss would be presented to you.

Can I use my hearing aids while talking on the telephone?

Many hearing aid manufacturers have improved telephone adaptability so that you can use the telephone without experiencing whistling feedback.

Is there an adjustment period when trying hearing aids?

It usually takes a few weeks to adapt to amplification.

Do I really need two hearing aids?

Again, this will depend on your hearing levels in each ear, and the listening situations in which you might find yourself. Most people function significantly better with two hearing aids especially in noisy situations.

I don’t think I have a hearing loss but my family does. Who is right?

Usually, those who speak to you are more aware of your hearing loss than you are. It is wise to listen to those who notice that you are not hearing as well as you did in the past.

Are there devices besides hearing aids that will help me to hear?

As many of us become more tied to technology, the hearing aid industry has followed suit. There are many devices to help hearing on the telephone, through portable listening systems and wireless technology. We can demonstrate these options to you.

I have more questions that aren’t answered here. How can I learn more?

There are usually many questions that we can try to answer on the spot, while some may take further research. But our staff members appreciate questions and are happy to help you in any way we can. Feel free to call or email us today!