Recent reviews from our patients

As a co-founder and executive at a biotech startup, I interact with many different groups inside the country and around the world. I attend scientific conferences and supervise research teams at various sites. It’s rewarding but demanding work. I’m glad I could turn to Brookline Hearing Services to prevent my work from becoming unnecessarily exhausting and awkward due to my progressive genetic hearing loss.

When my loss was diagnosed decades ago I was relieved I could turn to Dr. Arick for help. More recently Dr. Karcher re-evaluated my deepening loss and discussed how various options could integrate with my lifestyle. Her explanation of future adaptations made possible through advancing technology made me feel secure and supported in managing my changing loss over time.

I always find Brookline Hearing’s advice to be solid and their ongoing involvement to be exceptional. I have returned over a period spanning decades since I first moved to Boston as a student and met Dr. Arick. I am grateful to Brookline Hearing for helping me interact with my friends, synagogue and loved ones, and for making it easier to run my company.

— B.C.

I’ve been with Brookline Hearing for nearly a decade, and couldn’t be more pleased. Outside of having bought great hearing aids there several times, the follow-up is unbelievable, at no cost. Appointments are ALWAYS made within a day or two, if not the same day.

My latest contact involved one of my hearing aids no longer working, due to a moisture problem. Brookline Hearing got my warranty extended at no cost, and the hearing aid was totally refurbished. They suggested I send in both hearing aids and gave me two loaner aids, programmed as my own aids had been programmed.

— W.S.

At 5 years old, I was diagnosed with a mild mid-frequency bi-lateral hearing loss. Since that time, I have been to at least 15 different audiologists and 7 ENTs; going through the dreaded annual hearing evaluations for 25 years . . .

Almost 2 years later after [my] first visit, my quality of life has significantly increased, more than I could have ever imagined. With the help of Brookline Hearing Services, I was given the confidence to leave my old company and interview for a new job. I not only got the job, but a major promotion with a Fortune 100 company. Also that year, I met the man of my dreams and will be getting married this summer.

I can’t express my sincere gratitude to Brookline Hearing and their unbelievably kind and helpful staff. Last but not least, I thank Judy Arick and Judy Chasin for helping me achieve my goals . . . I give my utmost recommendation and will never go anywhere else for my hearing needs again.

— A.D.