Face Masks and Hearing Aids

Since the CDC has recommended wearing face masks while in public, we have seen an increase in individuals losing their hearing aids. Many hearing aids are located behind the ear where the loops of the face mask also sit. It is possible for the hearing aid(s) to fall off while taking the masks on/off or while adjusting the mask. We have created some tips to help you avoid losing your hearing aid(s):

  1. Check to make sure your hearing aid(s) is still on your ear(s) each time you place on and remove the mask.
  2. Place on and remove the face mask in a secure area so if your hearing aid(s) does fall off, you will be able to find it. For example, it might be harder to locate your hearing aid if it falls off on a sidewalk than if it fell off in your living room.
  3. Try to avoid adjusting the face mask while in public.
  4. If you feel comfortable, consider leaving your hearing aid(s) at home while you run your errands.

If you do lose your hearing aid(s), we will be happy to assist you when the practice re-opens. Stay safe!